CoVaBiz Magazine
Newspapers report news. Magazines tell a story. And...there are stories to be told about the tremendous businesses of Coastal Virginia and the people behind them. Through powerful graphics, in-depth content and personal profiles, a business magazine can evoke the emotion of business successes and failures better than any other medium.

Do you ever drive by a business and say to yourself, I wonder who owns that? I wonder what they did to succeed, I wonder if I could make it? CoVa BIZ Magazine will answer those questions by showcasing entrepreneurs starting new ventures, with profiles of professionals working to improve their business and performance and by creating a forum for masters anxious to share their expertise.

CoVa BIZ is networking in print. A place to meet the business personalities in Coastal Virginia, to be inspired by their successes and to learn from their missteps.

The CoVa BIZ audience of top managers and business owners represent Coastal Virginia's most affluent segment of consumers. The magazine media is a favorite of this most discerning audience. A recent Ipsos Affluent Survey (formerly known as the Mendelsohn Affluent Survey) found that affluent consumers are enthusiastic consumers of magazine media.

Step up to CoVA BIZ: THE magazine for business in Coastal Virginia.
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